Roommate keeps reminding me and trying to make me feel guilty about me not going to his CLUB college lacrosse games.

Okay but I did tell him no. I told him Friday no man can’t go already told gf we would go to movies and eat. He then ask what time we are going and lets me know that that game doesn’t start till 8 and that we could maybe make it after the movies. I tell him my gf does not like to even go to our schools football games (everyone goes to them and it’s huge one of the biggest in the country) so I wouldn’t make her do that tonight. He then basically says oh yea I get that, if she wants to stay home I would understand, you can come. So hold tf up you want me to drop my gf off at my apt while I go watch the last bit of this lacrosse game? When I’m not even sure we’d be back in time. Y’all right imma just tell him to fuck off

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