Roommate Wants to Switch Aarons Lease

I was pissed

Why? You need to coordinate with your roommate. How would you feel if your roommate had two animals which damaged property you were responsible for?

She has since said that she would feel more comfortable if I were to switch the furniture into my name so she could rent different furniture from Aaron's.

Don't do that. She is responsible for what she rented. You are responsible for your animals.

You both are responsible for the murky area known as "personal relationships".

The scratched sectional is still in our apartment, and is under her name.

Get rid of it.

Give it back to the owner if you can.

Aaron's is pressuring me to switch the lease into my name, but I don't want to pay close to 1500 for a shit sectional and rug.

Tell Aaron you have no business with them and you will help in returning their property, but they need to deal with their own customers on their own.

Would I be able to just have them take the furniture back?

Sure. If all else fails, you could throw it out. It is not yours and you are not responsible for it.

I am, however feeling guilty about the damage done to the couch and don't want to be fined.

What couch? Whose couch?

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