The root of internet misogyny/anti-feminism

I think this was an important post for you and likely for others here. There is a lot of truth in your first few paragraphs. Society hasn't necessarily been kind or fair to large swaths of men and when minority rights movements gain a foothold it can engender feelings of resentment.

You misdirect your anger at women, not realising that the biggest sources of your oppression, abuse, and sexual assault, have always been fellow men. You do this because you think that if feminists "fight" against men, you should "fight" against women, not realising that the reason feminists have been oppressed by men is because the patriarchy has been oppressing everyone.

It's this paragraph that generally results in men being miffed by feminist movements.

Do you really think men don't understand that society in general, and not women in particular, have lead some to oppression? I can't even imagine making such a blanket statement about what women do and do not understanding but I digress.

The line "patriarchy has been oppressing everyone" is where I had to roll my eyes. You're absolving too many female power brokers by blaming an abstract such as "the patriarchy." The idea that women are inherently more noble is somewhat ludicrous. Women can be equally duplicitous as men when given the opportunity.

The problem is our social system encourages bad behavior. Now, I would agree that in some sense bad behavior among men has been normalized. We are harder on female leaders and that's not appropriate. Likewise, we shouldn't brush aside failings of specific females by contextualizing it as a problem with "the patriarchy."

I have seen more men call for women to be forced into the draft, than for the draft to end! Do you actually care about men, or do you just want to punish women?

I agree with your point here because I believe that we need a more dignified system human rights such as the removal of a draft for all people. While I don't personally employ this rhetorical argument I think the intent is to highlight that equality means equal responsibility and opportunity across all domains.

We can support each other, but women are not the best vehicle for men's issues to come to the forefront.

Largely agree. Men need to elucidate issues that they want addressed in the context of those issues rather than framing issues in contrast to the women's movement. I do, however, find the idea that we should parcel off our discussions absurd. I tend to take a "what's good for the goose, is good for the gander" approach. We need improved social systems for all people. Some issues are gendered but many are not. Only taking a gendered view of the world is counter-productive to an improved social system, IMO. Same thinking applies to racial issues, LGBT issues, etc.

Feminists are constantly openly critical about the ways in which women need to act better towards women. I don't see men being critical of each other in the same way.

Pretty broad brushstroke, IMO.

I want to conclude by saying I think you are largely correct in your analysis of why misogyny (and general bigotry) is so prevalent both in the real world and online. I think some men (probably a healthy majority) could use a dose of introspection. Where I disagree is that we should set up silos or that we should "stay in our lanes" so to speak. Rewriting a better social contract requires input from all parties (men, women, straight, LGB, cis, trans, black, white, hispanic, etc, etc) and a healthy amount of debate and open-mindedness that is sadly lacking across all political movements.

Your point about the draft applies to many arguments that non-dominant social groups make. Don't get so focused on your particular lens that you lose sight of the fact that most people want an equal and just society for all.

tl;dr Thanks to the OP for a good post that will hopefully spark a meaningful discussion.

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