[Round 55937] A tragedy occurred here in the early 1900s. What was it? In your own words, describe the circumstances leading up to it, what actually happened and who may have been responsible.

Workers at the Calumet Mine in Michigan formed a union for better work conditions and wages, and took this to management to be recognised as a union, which the management refused. The workers went on to organise a strike starting July 23 1913. During the Christmas of 1913, the striking miners organised a party with their families, at the Italian Hall of Calumet. During the party, someone screamed "Fire!" despite there not being any. The fire escape was poorly marked and ladders were only accessible by climbing the windows so everyone decided to run to the stairs in panic, 73 people (including 59 kids) died in the ensuing melee. The identity of the one who screamed "Fire!" is unknown but it is speculated that it could've been an anti-union ally of the mine management.

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