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I need help finding the best moisturizer for my face. My skin is extremely dry and extremely sensitive. I have had some trouble with acne on my jaw/chin, which I believe is hormonal (they occur right before my period and when I am stressed), and I have had some breakouts on my cheeks, although they have cleared up quite a bit since I began using Stridex a few weeks ago.

My main problem is sensitivity. Everything seems to irritate my skin, including moisturizers, sunscreens, acne treatments. Using benzoyl peroxide landed me in Urgent Care from the swelling and peeling. I can't even use laundry detergent that has fragrance in it because it causes rashes.

Moisturizers that I've tried: CeraVe in the tub (which stung/burned my face upon application, especially around my nose), Cetaphil cream in the tub (which seemed to just sit on top of my skin in a greasy layer, and caused pimples all over my cheeks), Dr. Lin's (didn't do much for moisture), Pond's (broke me out), and I am now using Cetaphil lotion, which doesn't sting or cause pimples, absorbs nicely, but my skin is still dry as hell. I've tried the Vaseline-on-top thing, but it didn't really change anything. Even rinsing my face with water makes it feel tight and irritated.

Morning routine: Wash with water and Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleanser Creamy Formula (if needed), moisturize, and use Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Sunscreen (SPF 60+).

Evening routine: Remove eye makeup with coconut oil, wipe off face makeup with Simple Makeup Remover Wipes, wash with Neutrogena cleanser, Stridex, then moisturize after Stridex has dried.

Any advice on how to get hydrated skin?

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