Rowing Machine vs Treadmill vs Elliptical

Really personal preferences here. I hate rowing machines. Can only spend limited time on them and something in my body will not just ache, but actually hurt when I’m done.

The elliptical feels better on my knees and back, almost like my body is stretched/looser, after. BUT I feel like it’s harder cardio than the treadmill. But there are lots of ways ellipticals’ stride and build may impact that.

I can consistently hit the treadmill the most. Feels like I can vary intensity of workout most easily. But sometimes it hurts my knees and back.

All of this is made up personal preference stuff!

That being said, I didn’t get on any equipment at all when I was just starting out. Went outside regardless of weather and hit the pavement/trail. Started small and keeps it more interesting than being stationary. Plus then I knew I was going to be consistent before I dropped money on anything.

You can’t go wrong necessarily, just do what feels best to you. Congrats on your progress so far!

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