Roy Moore response shows GOP deserves to die

Just imagine Roy Moore at his home with this little girl. Moore, hot and sweaty, excitedly asking her "Why don't you strip down darlin'? Let's see whatchya' got there honey." An uncomfortable and nervous girl slowly shedding her clothes, Moore licking his lips and gulping. He takes out his handkerchief to dab the sweat on his forehead, muttering "M-my word, you are quite mature for your age."

Moore pats the cushion next to him on his couch, inviting her to sit beside him. The girl, in an unassured manner, arms wrapped around her chest, complies. Moore begins to caress her shoulders, as his hands slowly make their way down to her training bra. Despite the sweltering marsh heat, Moore observes the girl's goosebumps and faint arm hair standing. Undeterred, Moore begins cupping the girl's breasts, slowly massaging them. "Don't worry hun, I ain't gonna hurt yah" Moore says in a soft voice with a slight giggle, as the girl begins to lean away. His hands make their way down her belly, to the girl's panties, where Moore begins to fiddle with the elastic in her underwear.

Moore undoes his pant button and zipper. He clasps the girl's hand and places upon his crotch, slowing guiding it into his pants. The girl's hand shoots back. "Stop!' she exclaims. ...

"Romantic" says Breitbart News. "A love story of biblical proportions" writes Alabama GOP Chair.

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