RP price adjustment in Europe

LOL no, no it's not. I highly suggest you consult an economics textbook before commenting further. http://www.tradingeconomics.com/euro-area/inflation-cpi[1]

Oh, sorry, I am not a native English speaker and I my language these words are used differently.

I wouldn't be so proud just yet. Your oil production and revenues are both in steep decline, and Norges Bank is not happy with the current situation because they're being forced to ease more and more aggressively. There's a reason your own currency's declined more than the Euro over the past year.

Yes, sorry.

It's simply how it works currently in macroecon and finance. "European" usually refers to the Eurozone, and thus doesn't usually include the UK, non-Finnish Nordics, or Switzerland. A concrete example for you: http://etfdb.com/etf/HEDJ/#fact-sheet[2] . That's the "Europe Hedge Equity Fund," and is the largest European equity ETF in the world. Scroll a third of the way down the page to the country exposure. Do you see anyone outside the EZ?

Oh ok, I didn't know that.

Costs and culture vary significantly across the US too - you don't see us asking for PPP RP adjustments based on our location. Again, your VAT alone is 3-4x as high as regional sales taxes in the US. I live in NYC, one of the most expensive cities in the US. And I can order 2-3x as much food for the same cost as the average in Norway. In non-urban US areas I've seen sizzling 22oz (600+g) steaks for $15. How much does that cost in Norway?

Cool, I want to visit NY this year. Are the food prices really that cheap? 600g steak is about 20€ here (of course with stuff like potatoes, onions, vegetables, etc... included).

I'm talking about the official LoL forums. And no, basically only EU - check again.

Well, look here for example:

Also note that EU has a bigger player base than most other regions like Oce or Turkey or Russia. So if the % of players complaining is the same, you will still see a lot more EU players complaining.

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