RS5 owners. What kind of money do you make annually to be able to afford this beautiful car?! Did you buy it in full price or lease/finance? If the latter, what’s your monthly payment?

My wife and I make about $200k combined. We own a reasonable home and are otherwise completely debt free. We have no desire for children which frees up a lot of fun money. We max our retirement and then some. Despite the argument to be made for financing we chose to avoid debt at all costs. I suffered through terrible cars while saving for the 335i that I currently drive so that I could pay cash. After purchasing, now I save a large portion of the fun budget for repairs, and anything not used there goes into my future car purchase fund. I am of the opinion that if you don't have the funds available immediately you should not make the purchase. At my current rate of savings I'm looking at a lightly used rs5 in a few years. I am a strong proponent of buying lightly used as well, it makes much more sense to me as you can eliminate a large chunk of depreciation.

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