RT has changed. A couple of thoughts.

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Also, the reason those shorts were amazing is mainly because they had the original guys working on them. Geoff is an extremely creative guy who's had a lot of experience in photography. Burnie is an incredibly talented writer. Matt is a very hard worker who's supposedly amazing at directing. Joel is Joel. Gus. I mean when you have all those guys just working on one project, you get gold. That's why I think Lazer Team will be amazing because Burnie & Matt are working on it. TLR wasn't anything like the RT shorts since it was written and directed by Josh Flanagan. Why would they be similar to the RT shorts when the series was created by somebody else. Makes no sense. I will agree that there is quite a lot of fan-service nowadays with RT content. X-Ray and Vav is meant to be fan-service so that's what it is. But still, it's the easiest thing in the world to just throw a reference in here and there to get a quick laugh. LTR was pretty OK IMO. The problem is they're hiring people to be community managers, video editors, IT support, Achievement Hunters - and getting them to act. I mean, they aren't actors. Some have a knack for it, like Michael, but the rest don't. Josh Flanagan wrote a great series. The writing was really good. I think he was the one who also directed it though. So since he had to direct it and he was dealing with very amateur actors, some scenes seemed off or just rushed. I don't know, maybe the RT employees should stop spreading themselves so thin. Hopefully with the FullScreen acquisition they can use some more funds to hire some more professional writers, actors and directors. And why blame the YT comments? Burnie is the only one who says he looks at the feedback and considers making adjustments but I doubt he would do that anymore. Geoff came on the sub-reddit and explained why he doesn't like the YT comments. The YT comments have nothing to do with how good or bad the shows they produce are.

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