RTX 2000/Turing Survey- How do you feel about Nvidia's latest graphics card generation so far?

It's not the hardware that's the problem ding dong. It's the software that's the problem NOW. Look at the optimizations NVIDA has currently achieved. They're capable of two more similar boosts of performance most likely.

Then you have the developers who produce the content who can put in the effort to create better optimizations.

it's like blaming Intel's CPUs for having shit performance when Vista was terrible, and the OEMs cheaped out on the ram.

It's a chicken and egg problem.regarding developers and hardware. NVIDIA had to produce hardware for the developers. Why is people flipping out on the performance of the 1st titles, with the first versions of the firmware, of the first generation of ray tracing? I get that's not a good idea to be a early adopter, but it's gotten to the point that it's pure juvenile anger.

Besides even without ray tracing technology the 20 series wouldn't had been worth upgrading from the 10 series. There are people using 950s still, coming from someone who needs to replace his 7850.

Ohya! the 9900k is worth the the upgrade if you don't mind the heat if you're coming from the 1st or 2nd gen I-Series CPU. I want a 9990k to replace my i5-750, but I'll wait one or two more generation for a cooler chip to throw my build into a rack mount. Hey, maybe I'll go with AMD but I don't have a time machine so I don't know what kind of CPUs they would have then.

Sit on a 9900k after ocing it to 5.0 for 8 years before upgrading.

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