"Rubber Fortresses for A-Bomb Defense" by Frank Tinsley (1950) [2124x3400]

Rubber Fortresses for A-Bomb Defense

Here’s how the Air Force’s new air-building can hide the radar sentries guarding America against attack.

By Frank Tinsley

CAN we avert an atomic Pearl Harbor? Yes, we can—with rubber bubbles!

For a string of giant rubber bubbles, housing radar sentries, hidden in the icy peaks of America’s northernmost mountains, could be our first line of defense against any A-bomb attack. The secret of these amazing rubber fortresses is the new Radome, a revolutionary shelter of rubber and glass textile, developed by the Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory Inc. for the Air Force research center at Red Bank, N. J.
These radar outposts could be the modern equivalent of the frontier forts of Indian days. Miles apart in practically impassable wilderness, each must be a well-hidden, self-contained fortress, capable of guarding its precious equipment securely against any sneak attack. And sudden assault is just as sure as death and taxes. For if war comes again, the blinding of an enemy’s eyes will be the first step before wholesale atomic destruction!


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