Rudy Giuliani’s DC law license is suspended

I have been thinking about this for so long and it’s strange seeing it written in here for the first time...I didn’t wanna start spouting conspiracy theories. But the Italians made a lot of money off cement and building supplies in New York, Giuliani gets rid of them and the Russians stand up to fill the void on all the mafia exploits. Trump is a big wig shitbag developer in New York, still had some clout in spite of being a serial fuckface when it comes to paying contractors. This teaming of Trump and Giuliani didn’t appear out of nowhere, they’d been acquaintances (and unofficial New York mascots of sorts) for a while.

I’m being vague and just throwing the seeds out because I would hate to start a conspiracy theory without more confidence in my dates and some real evidence of Russian mafia work being tied to Trump’s building projects, but you can see where my thoughts are going there.

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