Rugged Montana Wilderness outside Towering 2-Story Bay Windows, Hand-Hewn Timber + Custom Industrial Hand-Blown Glass Chandelier [2400 x 3600]

There are at least 2 studio lights and strangely at least one of them is not diffused. Which makes shadows and those ugly highlights on the furniture near the back. (above left, see shadows of horsey staue etc)

So you have 3 light sources including flash, plus at least 2 ambient sources (windows, chandelier). It's tricky to do this perfectly, but it was a mistake imho to not diffuse the light on the left. (atually I would have come back when the weather is better)

Also the other problem is the outside. It's overcast, there's a big fat cloud and it's turned the color bluish, which is an optical sciency thing. You really need a pleasant weeather day, should be late afternoon or early-mid morning. The windows function as a light source from a photography perspective and needs both good color and proper brightness to make the shot be pro-level.

All that said, other than not using a diffuser I think they did a passable job with what they had, this kind of shot can be a real bitch without the right equipment, if you want to be in a magazine or something

Also it's suboptimal outside, it's very overcast and that weakened the exposure there, amd made it shift blue. So the harsher-than-usual oighting stands out even more.

Kinda interesting actually.

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