You know what i hate? The browser skylander game. There were these giant towers with a chest with treasure on top,whose segments could be destroyed with skylanders of a specific element. The problem is, to change your skylander you needed to go back to your base, go to the big building, and then change it. The whole process took approx. 7 minutes. So it would be better to do it with other players, right? FUCKING WRONG. There was no local co-op so there were randos instead, and those motherfuckers camped those god-damned towers like they poachers hunting a tiger in a jungle. Each time you changed and destroyed the last segment they rushed it like it was a fucking 100 marathon, or trilathron, or fucking whatever. I played for like 12 hours of that game as a kid and abandied it like a shattered bong and forgot it forever, until i see a reference to skylanders. I then promptly cry myself to sleep.

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