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I have an honest question. Really not trying to be rude or anything. Let's start with the meaning and the intent behind the word "trp". It started on 4chan when people started to describe characters like Astolfo as "trp". The word "trp" refers to a character that it's creator created with the intent to make the audience and other characters in the story think that this male character is female. For funny moments, shock value and many more reasons. So, basically characters like Astolfo indeed are "trps". The term cutie, femboy etc. can't describe their characters as accurate as "trp". So, my question is: What goes through your mind when you being offended by a term that is not related to you. A term that is 99% used to describe fictional characters. Because you get offended by this term like black people get offended by the n-word. The difference is that the n-word literally was created to degrade black people. "Trp" started to being used to describe characters who were intentionally created to make you think they are females while they are not. So, there is no bad intent behind it.

In conclusion: Imagine getting offended by a word instead of the intent behind it.

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