Ruler + Shielder = ?


Make this endless story with you and everyone else creative IMAGINATION! As long it is related to Nasuverse, be it Fate / KnK / Tsukihime and so on. Since there is upvote and downvote in Reddit (usually trolls), it will make your / others comment scramble everywhere, not to mention if you / others comment at the same time which will make it confusing. To make sure the story continues from the last person who posted the comment, here are the RULES :

  • Give number according to the last post number at the start before posting your 5-word story. (ex: 1. Today is a nice day) --THIS MEAN THE NEXT POST WILL BE 2. AND THE NEXT ONE 3. AND SO ON--

  • If you want to post a 5-word story, copy the last person post and use ITALICS on it (only their NORMAL text post, not their ITALICS post from the person before), then tell your 5-word story in NORMAL text. (ex: 1. Today is a nice day |Next Post| 1. Today is a nice day "your 5-word story")

  • If you want to comment or reply anything unrelated to the 5-word story to someone about their 5-word story or whatever it is, use BOLD text completely. (ex : 1. Today is a nice day |Reply| what a boring start really lol)

  • DO NOT REPLY to anyone if you want to post a 5-word story, just comment normally.

  • THIS FINAL RULE are the most important aspect so this thread might work properly, when you enter this THREAD and decided to post a 5-word story, REFRESH the page before you post your 5-word story to avoid posting at the same time with other participant. After you post your 5-word story, REFRESH again to see if you post at the same time with other users. (IF THIS DOES HAPPEN, I'm afraid you must DELETE your post for the sake of the thread)

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