I have a butt load of rules because my Daddy is an assbutt.


Babygurl will be obedient to daddy’s commands

No shyness is aloud

Babygurl will serve daddy to the best of her ability (All I have to do is be adorable so this one is easy.)

Babygurl will not eat or drink without Daddy’s permission (No treats if I break this one)

Babygurl will take her punishments gratefully (This one is super hard and I always break it but he's kinda lenient with it)

Babygurl will not flirt or act in an immodest way with any person who is not Daddy

Babygurl will behave herself around others as if daddy was there even when he is not

Babygurl will be humble when receiving reward or praise

Babygurl will not wear her bunny ears unless daddy thinks’ she has been a good girl. (I break this one all the time and Daddy takes away treats if I do.)

Babygurl will not lie about or hide her feelings. (Other than getting a bit lecture and not being able to wear my princess tiara or bunny ears, the consequence of breaking this rule is that I end up all sad with bottled up feels)

Babygurl will not use tiny chat without daddy’s permission, even if he is going to be away.

Babygurl will not use Omegle or Fetlife and will ask permission to use new website, and use websites like tumblr ect. in the presence of daddy. (Consequences to breaking this are not fun at all since I've had a problem with breaking this rule too many times)

Babygurl will not wear red lipstick without daddy’s permission even if she is with him and when going out will wear minimal makeup

Babygurl will keep a clean sheet on her bed always. (Pfffft no.)

Babygurl will not whine, sulk or throw a tantrum when Daddy says she can't eat something- that's a promise.

Babygurl must eat breakfast every morning! (The most broken rule ever)

Breaking most of these rules will result in similar punishments. He usually scolds me or takes away treats! Sometimes he won't let me go on my favorite sites or play any video games. Usually the worst are getting lectures or not getting ANY punishment at all! I left out some of the more intimate rules but if any of THOSE are broken? Goodness...

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