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Of course I love you. :)

It's not unsafe, sure. But you have to think about this in the sense that, what if everyone's main goal was to submit content, and links, because they are getting paid? That the motivation for providing content and links, is to get paid. It sets up a shady environment.

Let me ask you this. If the guy didn't think it was shady, or wasn't against the rules, then why did he post the thread, without disclosing that information? Because, he knew that thousands and thousands of people would be trying to buy these things, and saw an opportunity to make a bunch of money.

Even if you can't agree with me, surely we can find some middle ground, and you can at least agree it was shady that he didn't disclose that his links had referrals? That his motivation for providing the links wasn't to help people, but to make money.

See, I get your point of view. You are saying, these links help me. I click them, I check out with all the items. I'm personally not paying for it. So why does it matter. It's a positive for me. It does no harm.

I see why someone would not see the big deal, or see the harm. But the problem is, when you have a site that is dedicated to content aggregation, the spirit of the site is people providing links to things they think are worth seeing. Then people upvote or downvote based on whether the content is good or bad. But if the purpose of submitting links is for the purpose of making money, then suddenly the content being submitted isn't on good faith, it's not someone saying this is content I think people should see. It's about, I'm getting paid, and this is my job.

Even on a subreddit level, it IMO breaks the spirit of the r/amiibo community. This is a community about collectors, who are helping each other. We share info. We let people know when things go on sale. We give people tips on how to best check out. The motivation is supposed to be, people trying to help fellow collectors out. Now, if the motivation becomes about making money, suddenly content and info being passed around, is done so with the purpose of making profit.

It breaks the spirit of the subreddit. ON a personal level, I get why it doesn't bother you. But in a much larger sense, I think it opens up a can of worms, and sets a bad precedent. It leaves the door open for people abusing the referral system.

Lastly, it's just mad shady to post links acting like you are helping. When in reality, you have your referral tag in there. You aren't telling people, and you are only doing it to make money.

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