Running ethernet in house. Install in bedrooms?

Just because it works for your specific use case doesn't mean that it works for everyone, nor does that prove that wireless is better than wired. The only benefit wireless has is mobility and convenience. That's it. Literally. That's it.

It's evident that you don't understand the issues with wireless, including security, because you assume if it's fine for your network it's fine for all. But maybe you should know what you're talking about before trying to convince someone that they're wrong... someone who's been working in the industry for the past 15+ years and has deployed 100s of networks for homes, small and medium businesses, and a few enterprise networks.

"Dude the future is all wireless".... no. It's only wireless for mobility and convenience. That's it. Maybe that's fine for your reddit and facebook browsing but like I said your use cases don't define everyone else's.

I will take a direct fibre line to my house over a 5g connection any day of the week. ANY day of the week. Even WiFi is 100x more reliable and stable than a cell connection.

And, finally, you are getting ripped off and sucked if you're buying a cat7 cable. Hey, I have a cat12 cable to sell you if you want. 12 is more than 7 so it has to be the best!

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