Russia Can't Protect Its Allies Anymore

I think the reasons can be quite obvious and was always destined to head here. Armenia is a kind of asset for them the friendship is an asset when times are good it's easy for them to be good towards us but times are now bad they've made quite a few bad decisions they've been sanctioned for many years now I believe they were not sanctioned for invading Georgia but once they invaded Crimea and Ukraine they were sanctioned they are headed in a decline and they feel squeezed and a man who has absolute power doesn't like nato creeping up into into his neighbor's house and now hes scrambling to come up with alternatives that will improve the situation because everything is at risk, he looks at the oil he provides to Europe and he sees an alternative close by, is he going to piss off those people? No, he also assessed that there was only so much Armenia could do for them when they felt squeezed so he basically sold out his friendship with us because in his mind it's not such a big loss compared to the losses hes taking now

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