Russia invades Ukraine - Megathread

Okay can someone Explain to me like I'm 5: I get why India chose to abstain from voting against Russia, given the fact that India is dependent on them for not only military equipments but also fertilizers among other things, in fact I agree with the decision.....BUT with all the economic sanctions imposed on Russia, will they even be able to help another country after the war is over, bc their economy will take a severe hit bc of this pointless war, fuck they don't even have food and gas for their soldiers, isn't it kind of pointless to still be allied with Russia? US is constantly poking India to take a stand, but apparently they're not offering any alternative to the Russian military equipments that India buys, so shouldn't India bargain for that alternative from the US, I mean they're already looking elsewhere for the supply of fertilizers, so why not cut ties with dead weight......if there are no friends in geo-politics, why we feel like we are still in debt of Russia for 1971? Even if Russia wins the war, isn't it gonna take a long time if not never, for them to recover?

Please don't hate me, I'm your typical science nerd who is not well versed in Economics and Politics, but in the last few years, I think it's pretty clear that staying apolitical isn't an option anymore. Anywhere. Whether it's India or the US or anywhere else. I'm curious so help me out here.

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