Russia on 'irreversible' path to clash with West, France says

Well I’m certainly not going to defend left wing political violence but the right wing seems to have a higher body count, the riots will call a draw I guess to be honest they both seemed suspicious maybe for different reasons. Looting certainly distracts for any real message you might have, both riots seemed like a bunch of people just wanted to press the brand on instagram or something. The police certainly took it as an opportunity to press their brand as well, and were chill with Jan 6th which ironically led to deaths. Were any police killed during the blm riots? The police in my town actually reached out to the other side and had meaningful dialogue, it was actually pretty impressive compared to most places, everything was very peaceful here. As for media coverage that seems to be an old trope and for me personally doesn’t matter that much as I don’t really watch tv or listen to the radio, the coverage always seems fairly neutral to me because that is the media I seek out. Fox News always seem pretty full of shit when I see it and very selective as to the side of the story it wants to tell. How y’all can’t see that Donald Trump is a trash human just seems baffling, the evidence is overwhelming. Can you imagine paying a pornstar to have sex with you while you wife is recovering from pregnancy, would you hang out with someone that did? I wouldn’t. Do you really think it’s a good idea to get people all riled up that an election has been stolen to the point of them attacking congress to stop legal proceedings, how can that be a good precedent to set. Would you have your kid beat up the umpire at a game if they lost? The concept is insane and it gets out of hand fast. You have to see that’s a bad idea unless you are just openly for some sort of civil war which is also insane and would hurt everyone. Antifa isn’t even a real thing outside of maybe Portland but it will certainly become one if we keep upping the ante on violence. Eventually if you kill enough Jews in synagogue don’t be surprised when they go all Israel on your ass. We need to live in world where the majority treats the minority as they would want to be treated, maybe that’s unrealistic but realistically there will be a time when the balance flips and you do not want to end up like Rwanda did, everybody loses and it’s horrific. Maybe these struggles started long before me and will continue long after but I maintain that peace and unity are what builds a better tomorrow. Don’t focus on what you hate, focus on what you love. I want to leave this world a better place than I found it because I feel like I owe that to the children and that is what I value. At the same time I don’t want to force my purity tests on anyone else, that’s the problem with things like Christian Nationalism is there will always be a point where you aren’t Christian or Nationalist enough to deserve to not be terrorized. On the flip side I don’t get things like trigger warnings or when people are extra fancy about the sexual orientation descriptions, I think that since sporting activities have so much at stake there probably should be some rules about trans people competing in them, maybe a different division or something, do I think this is a huge problem, no not in the least, I can see how scholarships or Olympic eligibility could be fairly serious but trivial compared to a life. Trans kids as well as vets have much higher suicide rates and that is something I consider a serious problem. I considered Covid a serious problem but I have older parents one of which did not survive. I think the democrats are closer in line with what I would consider my personal values. I am pro democracy and I am pro Ukraine. I think the government should provide healthcare and that we should invest more in education like the European countries. I’m not sure what the republicans are for but it does not seem in my best interests. If they actually cared about the economy that might be something but they generally wreck it and then the democrat fixes it back up in my history. I think there is an appropriate amount of corporate freedom to be had and you do want to build a healthy economy and stability is important as well as having a military that can make sure that stability can’t be threatened by aggression. I think the environment is very important and the republicans have been absolutely terrible in that regard. I think the world would be a better place if the Supreme Court had not stolen the Florida recount from Al Gore and he had been fairly elected. Weird that BK and ACB were both a part of that, the federalist society can go fuck itself and it’s crooked judges. Once again the term activist judge was more a telegraph of what they would do than a real disparagement of the other side.

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