Russia is pouring millions into Kremlin propaganda targeting the U.S.

I'm always hearing about these russkie campaigns and how they get people to do their will through online social media whatever-ness. Can someone provide a de facto example of something like that? I'm genuinely curious about it. Am I somehow not seeing what everyone else is potentially being manipulated with?

I'm online all the time and have been for decades yet I managed to (so far) outwit COVID by having common sense and not voting for orange as*holes.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure Russia is balls-out trying to f*ck shiat up in our country but what propaganda is it? "You're going to grow a third testicle out of your left ear if you get the Pfizer shot, even if you're a woman" or is it more subtle?

Does someone have an example of what's swaying people?

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