Russia/UK tension : EU position

Given the amount of hate you express for the UK on this subreddit, I am seriously surprised you are not trying to rub this in our faces, and mock us, and wish that russia kills more people here.

I find your lack of compassion and glee about their suffering towards people in the UK who suffer from brexit, and the chip you hold on your shoulder over historical british empire stuff against india grossly offensive on a regular basis.

You don't get to talk about civilised society, you are frequently highly uncivilised, petty, blaming, mocking and delighting in the suffering of the descendants of people who wronged your ancestors even though the vast majority of people who you mock had and have nothing to do with any such oppressions you keep remaining bitter about.

No, fuck off, I don't want any sympathy from you, as far as I'm concerned, and as a remainer as well, you are no less hostile towards the UK and it's people than Putin and his Oligarchs based on your posting history.

If I was a mod here, you would have been banned long ago, even despite you being very active.

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