"Russian Head Transplant Doctor Looks Identical to Doctor in MGSV - KOJIMA!"- NeoGAF

There are several possible outcomes:

  1. It was really Kojima planned, and he successfully managed to fool the world. If so, then my ass did Konami fire him, and it is all a ploy to apply what happened with The Boss and Big Boss onto himself. Even down to the point of him getting a "head" transplant surgery as being removed from the head leadership of KP and Konami.

Even his act of quitting might be a way to be the punished snake after all these years.

However, it is extremely awful to fool the world with this. It is one thing to disguise a game announcement as something else and fool the gaming community, but it is another thing to fool the world and create fake headlines. He and Konami can get sued to kingdom come and it will definitely backfire on them. The Vatican has issued statements on the proposed head transplant.

To me, that would be Kojima crossing the line. He needs to calm the hell down and not turn this into a conspiracy.

  1. Kojima met and befriended the doctor, who told him about his idea 2-3 years ago, and Kojima thought it would cool to model the doctor in the coma scene in Cyprus after him and to include a real world scenario into the game, especially when he saw similarities.

Which gives us a probability of Kojima and the frankendoctor lending ideas from each other for the sake of fun and possible marketing. Both things are happening, the launch of TPP and the head transplant.

  1. This is all simply grasping at straws. Kojima fans (me included) have tried to turn everything into a two sided conspiracy. Simple screens were analyzed for release date hints, tweets were turned into horror stories, the notion of getting fired became another MGS link, and this. If it is a coincidence, then i think even Kojima will be freaking out at the disease he created within his fans to always need lies and conspiracies.

PT was brilliant, Moby Dick was alright (albeit cracking it from the moment i saw the mullet), MGS 2 was spectacular with the media manipulation and snake being swapped with raiden. But these are all within the gaming world.

Even the news of him leaving, cause stocks to crash at Konami and even dipped the japan games market. It isnt something that should be toyed with.

To me, fans needs to calm the down and not turn everything into a conspiracy.

Call me a skeptic, but this is a bit too much. I am enjoying it, as opposed to the "Kojima name erased again" and "Konami screws Kojima while he was working on TPP" headlines.

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