Russian invaders committing war crimes against Ukraine soldiers [VIDEO][NSFW]

Im gonna try my best to write an transcript here. Im sorry in advance if i cant translate everything since I dont know a few of the words used by the military.

Scene outside

Tank stops, Givi throws POW down on the ground

Givi: On the ground, bitch. On the ground bitches, creatures(term also used for animals) blyat.

POW in blue sweater gets down on the ground

Givi: Colonel! [...] Hands behind your head i said!

POW's are getting on their knees

Givi: On your knees! Faces on me. Colonel. Do you know who i am?

Colonel: Yes.

Givi: Yes, it's me. slap [...]

Givi: Now boys raise your heads. Look at me. Do you recognize me? Recognize me? Recognize me? I'm Givi boys. Givi. The one you came to kill.

Starts talking with the Colonel

Givi: Now what, asshole? Let's talk.

Colonel: I'm just a soldier.

Givi: You're just a soldier?! You're a чмо(schmuck), why did you came here? From where? Which Oblast?

Colonel: [can't make the name out]

Givi: Where are you from?!

POW 1: Lovinskaya Oblast(not sure, cant find it on google)

Givi: Which one?

POW 1: Lovinskaya Oblast

Givi: You?

POW 2: [again cant make the name out] Oblast

Givi: You?

POW 3: [same as Soldier 2] Oblast

Givi: What do you need here? What did you forget here?

Soldier in background says something, cant make it out

Givi: Don't but in. What did you forget here, creatures?

POW's: Not creatures. Not creatures.

Givi: Not creatures... whom are you serving, assholes? Knife. Put your arm down. For this? [...] Eat it, bitch. Eat, creature. I will teach you... my man... open your mouth! Eat, bastard. Put your hand down. [...] Here eat it creature.

Givi: Why are you shaking?

POW 1: I'm cold.

Givi: Cold?

Soldier in background: I was sitting on him.(Like on a horse. Not sure if it's a sexual innuendo)

Givi: Cold? You are in Tchechovs custody(?) you are lucky, you will stay alive. And you... (points at colonel) you I will lead personally. Where are you from? Eat your flag i said bitch. This is my land. I grew up here. [...] What did you forget here?

Colonel: I'm just a mercenary.

Givi: A mercenary? [something with soldier afterwards]

Colonel: I'm not a mercenary, just simply...

Givi: Who else is a mercenary? Raise your hand.

POW's: [saying something cant make it out]

Givi: Everyone [cant make it out but im gonna guess they are all regular soldiers of the UA]

Givi raises one of the POW

Givi: Stand up. Come on, come on stand up.

Soldier in background: Why are you bombing the city?

Givi: And what if had set up such mines?(Implying the UA did it and them not) And make it stronger and the eyes, too. (Referring to his soldier to bind the POW's) And you colonel stand up. You know who i am. You know. I can see it in your eyes that you know.

[I don't understand what they are saying afterwards or it's not relevant to the situation]

Givi again talks with the Colonel

Givi: Look at me. How long are you serving in the army?

Colonel: More than 20 years.

Givi: And what are you serving for? Look there. You did all of this. [...] Want to go and look inside? Look me into the eyes, do you want to? We have an 1,5 year old child here left without mother and father. Look me in the eyes, creature. Where are you from, tell me again.

Colonel: [cant hear him]

Givi: I promise you I will do all the [dont know that word]. Everything you are doing here I will go to your house and do the same. I will shoot with all my artillery, with all my tanks did you understand me? And you will know what real hell is like. Hell. Bind their eyes.

Givi: What did you say to me/What should i say to you[either of them im not sure]? They will rip you to pieces in kievsky and petrovsky district. And they will be right, creatures. Without a fair trial. Put them into the car.

Givi: How much is your salary? How much?

Colonel: 10000.

Givi: 10... 10... how much. Quiet. Say it again.

Colonel: 10000 hryevna. [Right now that's about 558€]

Givi: 10000 hryevna.

Soldier in background: And do you know how much an Miner gets?

Colonel: I don't know.

Givi: Do you know much a miner get's here, creature? [...] Bind his eyes. Or else i will snap.

Soldier in background: [...] You landed in hell.

Interview with the Ukrainian POW

Givi: Let's talk? Give me his documents. Come one give them here. Sit!

POW: I'm trying but my leg is wounded/hurts.

Givi: His leg hurts... And here look. Badenko Vadim Viktorivich am i right?

Vadim Badenko: Yes.

Givi: Did everyone see? Go on continue. Name, military rang.

Vadim Badenko: Badenko Vadim Viktorivich, senior soldier[im not familiar with rangs so im just gonna directly translate them]

Givi: Senior soldier... and who is this?

Vadim Badenko: This is my wife.

Givi: And this is his wife. Senior soldier, how did you ended up here? What were you told? Tell us everything in order.

Vadim Badenko: We were told that we have to drive to the airport and get back the 300's. We loaded up. Two empty little boxes[military term for something?] should have went with us. Then we found out that we dont have those two little boxes. All for little boxes are filled up. Only when we were already on the road we found out that we are going to attack. That is all. We drove to one side[of the airport i guess].

Givi: When you arrived at the airport what did you get from us?

Vadim Badenko: You shot all of us.

Givi: That's right. How much of you were dead? Three 200's? The little box is destroyed and two are taken prisoners. And another 5 people that surrendered.

Vadim Badenko: Who recruited me? The recruitment office drafted me.

Givi: And what are you serving for? For this shit? Did you see what are they doing with the city?

Vadim Badenko: Yes. That i saw what happens in the city.

Givi: I will leave you alive so that you can tell the others. We will exchange you for one of ours POW which is held by you assholes.

Vadim Badenko: I will tell them everything.

Givi: Well go and tell them. If you manage quickly enough[implying that they will attack/bomb them soon after the exchange].

Cut to the POW

Vadim Badenko:[didn't understand] We should've retrieved the 300's. We went to retrieve the 300's. Turns out that there aren't any 300's and that we were sent to attack.

Soldier in background: So your officers lied to you?

Vadim Badenko: The just abandoned us. They simply abandoned us, that's it. If we knew that we are going to attack; it's not the first time that we refused to attack because we knew we were going to attack and nobody went. And here it turns out that our company commander cleary told us that there won't be any attack and that we just have to retrieve the 300's. And so it turned out that we should have had retrieved the 300's but instead it turned out like this.

Vadim Badenko: Never in my life again i will serve (for?) them. It would be better if I went to jail and refused to serve than to serve them again.

Scene outside with the dead Ukrainian soldiers

Soldiers: Another three. / They dirtied my car, creatures. / Come on take them away.

Soldier: 6 are killed. 6 got killed... we killed them... everyone together.

Soldier in background: There you have your "Glory to Ukraine". Be happy.

Questioning of Ukrainian POW's

Will continue tomorrow.

Scene outside with the dead Ukrainian soldiers again

Will continue tomorrow.

POW March

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