Here's Why Russian Liberals Languish at 1% in the Opinion Polls

Ah yes, "You are not pro putin enough and so must be banned from interacting with any russians or ever talking to them again !"

I am curious when did I wrote that or make a reference to Putin?

And that's how you end up with a closed mentality like NK.

What a surprise sophistries??

Or you may end up like Singapore Or any nations that catch the West.

I hope your attitude does not reflect the one of every russian (as far as i know , no that's not the case), because otherwise i'm seriously worried if you estimate that any attempt of humor must lead to a crackdown.

Well it depend, free speech; what type of speech? Speech that points out issues that need to be addressed and conducts the nation to reform; or speech that incite sedition, brings the state into ridicule, or encourages disruption to the process of capital accumulation and national enrichment?

I am highly opposed to the latter and support its suppression at all cost. In any event, it does not really matter; I support outcomes, not processes. If you had to suppress all speech to strengthen the nation and get it to first world status; so be it.

Yes it does, i think the article i posted is just as ridiculous in it's joke logic than the one linked in the title,

When I replied with a serious answer , you cried "Joke"! Isnt that funny?

that make an entire point based on cheese buyouts by some of the elite. It's called parody.

Depend the authors was showing how a well know member of the liberal community was ridiculous I dont see any parody in that.

Here is how you can tell the difference between a person who is genuine is their desire for reform and a person is a Western stooge/saboteur. The genuine person has clearly material demand; "I want cleaner drinking water" or "I want restaurant health inspections" or "faster resolution to case before the courts". The saboteur says abstract nonsense like; " I want a free society where everyone cares for one another" or "we need a system where everyone feels they matter".

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