Russian trolls are spreading misinformation in the US about vaccines

Well, not really. Russian intelligence was behind the whole conspiracy theory that AIDS was developed by theUS government through experiments on monkeys or whatever it was. The president at the time (believe it was Reagan) publicly condemned the campaign, but it obviously didn't cause a war. Saying stuff like you've said actually is part of the problem: nobody wants a war. Russia just wants to toe the line to have political initiative. A war between US and Russia would be the worst war ever on Earth, possibly cause nuclear holocaust, and although US defense budget dwarfs Russia's a war would probably also involve China, Iran, DPRK siding with Russia. China even got involved in the Korean war. So basically no one wants that war. And when you say 'Russia' you should be more specific and say its current autocratic regime.

And obviously focusing on Russia is expected because if the 2016 election, but China, Israel, NK, Iran, European states, even India is constantly sponsoring hacking of US or other states. A random example of how much more complicated it is, a recent article interviewed former NSA computer security workers who now hack US citizens' iPhones for an Israeli private security firm. (A duckduckgo search will get you the article, I've forgotten the source.)

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