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I appreciate your concern. My math is solid. I have an inside man who I interrogate on a regular basis. In case your interested return on my hypothetical park until capital replenishment is 7%. I did not inflate rental prices from year to year in my calculations, so actual yield should be higher to eliminate inflation. Capacity doesn't matter so much as short term price in summer (tourist spot) makes up for vacancies for much of the year. Goal of course is long term rentals. Actually can make more on the short term side.

I'm looking to co-locate my home and a workshop building on the far end of the property. The RV park is more of a bonus that uses the rest of the property.and provides an income should the stock market fall off a cliff. I could lose my shirt in stocks but I'd own the land and RV park outright.

The property itself also appreciates and the geocell stabilized landscape (using grass/gravel grid pavers) should improve underlying property value. It's currently a blank slate with a little roadmix and a little grass. It's already graded.

All my back of envelope calculations are done. I'll move on the creating my master spreadsheet next. If I find any hiccups I'll let you know.

This was an open ended RV park Design question but you are instead choosing to go "nuh uh finance". Crawl back in your hole Trumper.

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