RX5700 | Blower or Red Devil

If you know how to configure a card (fan curves, undervolting and overclocking ) its not worth it, performance will be identical and you lose the capability to exhaust the hot air out of the case (useful for keeping internal temps down).

If you don't then it is.

Important points: -Once properly configured they will both have equal performance

-Both will be quiet, but the Red Devil can be completely silent

-Red Devil will exhaust its waste heat into the case, increasing temps (depending on your current cooling configuration) by up to 10c, that's added directly to the vrm, ram, cpu, chipset, m2's, ssd's, hdd's and motherboard pcb's temperature. If you like to OC ram and cpu this will be detrimental to that activity.

Once you have answered the above you will know what to do.

I'm very old school so i always get the blowers, you get them early, cheaper, performance is often identical (completely so this generation) after configuration, and exhausting the heat out of the case means you can push cpu and ram oc's further, which ends up netting you smoother gameplay (0.1 and 1% lows are affected most by cpu performance).

The nice added bonus is everything else inside the case stays nice and cool.

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