Ryan: Feds have duty to help Puerto Rico

Oh my gawd, Fratfuck-at-large acknowledges that, yes, Puerto Ricans are Americans! Thank god he's saving us from big bad Donny!!

I'm at my wit's end. I'm lucky to get a proper meal on any given day, my car's battery died because I've been charging my shit with it for the last 3 weeks, I've forgotten what a hot shower feels like.

More infuriating than Trump are the pondscum known as the GOP. Every time Donald pulls some classic Republican fuckery these fucking dorks are there to cash in on the publicity that comes from taking pot shots at the special needs kid.

More infuriating than Donald is that the press lets the Republicans get away with the most chickenshit, craven behavior because Trump is low hanging fruit.

Take them to task? That's a step too far, because the general American populace is too well acquainted with 'good people who vote Republican'.

They'll pin the Flint water crisis on Trump, and get away with it. They'll claim plausible deniability for every nefarious action this party has taken because apparently 40% of people support this lunacy.

By far, the single most infuriating aspect of all of this is the permissiveness of the American people. It's up to Americans in the mainland to grab your balls and stop dissociating people from their vote. Treat them like shit, idgaf if they're your family members or close friends, if you don't make them or at least their politics pariahs, then you are part of the problem.

Enough is enough, there are no good Nazis.

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