Ryan Shrout and Allyn Malventano chat about PC Perspective's "No Silver Bullet" article involving Ryzen & Win10 scheduler

For some reason my post didn't go through (hope I am not triple posting now). Anyways, this has to be said. 'We' on this sub aren't mad because of the results of the reviewers but their point of view. Ryzen shouldve been compared soley vs the 6900K and 6800K not the 7700K. You compare the product vs the product it's closes too! Enthousiast VS enthousiast and no vs high end mainstream, this is why we dislike those reviews. We though Ryzen would get haswell ipc, the dream was broadwell-E ipc but never KBL ipc. We already knew - more then a year ago - that Ryzen wouldn't match Skylake ipc (40% on excavator). We already knew the 7700K would be 15-20% faster in gaming. It was a non issue. The biggest problem with Ryzen isn't that it can't hold up against the 7700K but that it isn't performing the same as the 6900K in gaming. If reviewers focussed on THAT and not the difference against the 7700K, we would've agreed. Yes they should compare it against the 7700K and say in conclusion that for pure gaming the 7700K is the better choice, but that never should've been the SOLE focus. The focus should've been Ryzen vs the 6900K. That is why those reviewers failed, they didn't do the product justice and by that they didn't do themself any justice.

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