It’s been said before: Titanforging solves a developer problem, not a player problem.

Honestly I think the wow devs should be more comfortable with players being able to complete a patch.

The thing is, its a player perception issue. My raid group and myself, we are 'done'. In all sense of the word except for killing M zaqul and Azshara... but gear wise? We're all done. Our characters are finished. We have all the gear we need to kill the end boss. Even if our entire raid group was decked in full 455 gear, its not going to make the last two fights any easier.

Its the people who think "omg i need 455 in every slot or I'm not done!!!!!"

Which is simply just... not true. Player perception/community perception is just a massive problem that compounds on itself. The Mob mentality.

I had one of our main raiders quit this tier because of this issue. He went on and on and on about "well, an LFR raider could get just as good of gear as me and its dumb!" and i had to explain to him... WHO CARES. He never even went into LFR, never even played with LFR players... so????? That LFR raider can't and will not ever do the hardest content in the game, so who cares what he's wearing. How does the gear someone else wearing affect you playing? How does that affect your fun? I just don't get this sentiment. Yea, it sucks to see someone shit get a good item, but at the end of the day... you're not being personally slighted because you had a bit worse luck than some good in LFR.

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