`s̷e̶i̴z̴e̶ ̵t̴h̶e̴ ̷m̸e̸a̵n̷s̷ ̸o̵f̸ p̶r̶o̴d̴u̵c̸t̵i̶o̶n` ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This is why I'm anti-billionaire. Yes you should be rewarded for hard work, but money is power and when people have essentially unlimited money, human nature drives them to ask "What else can I do?" Boundaries get pushed further and further until one day you're pushing out propaganda and starting wars and flying in your friends to your pedophile rape island. If you have 5 million bucks, you can live amazingly well with lots of luxuries, but you'll never have enough money to buy and run a child rape island. Money is power and no individual should wield the power that comes with being a billionaire. It causes so many problems for so many people.

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