It’s easy to hate Garrett sometimes, but man if he doesn’t love our team. Prayers to Hurns

I kind of feel like it's him giving Linehan the same chance he got.

There's a problem in the NFL currently I think where establishments can't get...established. The demand to win now is so profound we would never be able to sit through rough early years banking on a Landry to pull us together.

Garrett was a OC for a while before he got the HC position, and sat under numerous coaches while being groomed with some seasons of questionable performance. He's our coaching equivalent to Romo, in some ways. We had to suffer Wade before he got bumped up.

I think he may uniquely appreciate that situation and be more willing to be patient than some for results from his staff as a result. For better or worse and with all that implies.

He also clearly understands the value of loyalty and passion, and I think he wants someone he knows is committed.

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