Do you think it’s hard for people to accept female 8s just as it’s hard for them to accept male 4s?

Not a female 8 but I may know one:

While I’ve yet to talk to her about enneagram, I have a friend who at least appears to have 8 as her gut type

I was talking to her this evening and it occurred to me how different she was than, well, any of my friends but especially my female friends. I playfully said that I appreciated how blunt she was and how she didn’t put up with any bullshit. Whenever others beat around the bush, she’ll say “Just go and do [x] and stop talking about doing it!”

English isn’t her first language, so I may have missed some of the intricacies here, but she compared herself to a horse in spirit. When she tells stories about her life, it always amazes me how freaking passionate and strong she is, as though fire was a person. If there was a fight, I’d want her on my side (and yet she surprises me at times with moments of sensitivity amidst that fire)

That said, she doesn’t intimidate me. Rather, I find her strength to be inspiring

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