She says she likes you but talks about herself ?

She needs you for emotional support, you're the rock she needs to lean on... Be her rock, that's your value. In exchange, she is intimate with you. That's the trade off, every time she complains and you have to console her or show interest in her day without it being reciprocated, remember during sexy time that is your repayment.

Most women will never ask men about their day or how they feel because they need to see you as a pillar of strength that never gets knocked down. The FASTEST way to make a woman lose affection for you, is for you to whine to her or complain about your day, she's going to berate you for it more likely than anything.

AKA, be a man, you're not allowed to cry or have feelings. Earn as much money as you can, pay your taxes, pay your bills, provide for your kids, and be emotional support for women. That is your value in society.

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