It’s Official: Sony Scraps ‘The Interview’

Movie theaters are being asked to risk the possible safety of their guests and/or all of their Christmas Day attendance (isn't Christmas a pretty busy day at the movies?) to show support for what? Some American "ideal" that says we have the right to be offensive and make tasteless movies that thoughtlessly provoke foreign governments for no reason at all other than because Seth Rogen thinks he is entitled to some sort of self indulgent creative expression?

Some folks are talking about this movie like it is an important documentary that is going to expose the deep inner workings of an evil government hell bent on world domination. Like this is somehow a movie that needed to be made. Had they changed the name of the country and the name of the leader we would have all still gotten the reference, the movie would have been released, gotten its crappy reviews and we all could have moved on with our lives.

But no...instead the producers felt of was necessary "for art" to bait a crazy, dangerous, narcissistic leader who has nuclear technology and missiles by graphically blowing his head off for the world to laugh at. I cant imagine why the followers of such a leader didn't get the joke.

Seth Rogen can do whatever he wants, but good grief...aren't there enough people in the world who hate us that we don't to go picking fights with them just to make a bunch of 14 year olds teenage boys laugh?

I get perfectly well the importance of free expression, but just because something can be said, or just because something can be done doesn't mean it should be said or should be done.

Look, I'm a proud American and I am pleased and glad to stand up for freedom of expression, freedom of thought, and the basic human rights of people everywhere. But I don't feel the need to spend my Christmas worrying about terror threats because rich, self indugent actors think it would be "interesting" to poke bullies with sticks, run away and sees what happens to the rest of us.

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