It’s ok to judge people. Thoughts?

I used to feel that way growing up. I played sports but all of my close friendships were girls exclusively female (and though I never admitted it, I did struggle with feelings for one female friend at one point but never acted on it)

I also love knowing girls’ opinions on things, like which men they find attractive and why, which girls they like and don’t like and why, etc. It feels like gaining secret knowledge lol. I’m a straight male btw.

It has changed today, as I’m not a teenager anymore (26) and I realize it’s impossible to get into a deeper relationship with a woman without emotional feelings and intimacy that might lead to complication.

So for me at least, it sort of disables me from getting much more intimate when it’s a guy-on-girl relationship. Simply put, I wouldn’t want her developing intimate connections and texting other men so I don’t do the same.

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