It’s one thing to tell me stonks always go up, it’s another to share your caprese salad with the world. *pullution*

As a student I've gotten a lot of opportunities through LinkedIn, I've gotten invites to networking events, offers for internships and interview offers for when I graduate. I probably wouldn't be working my current internship if it wasn't for LinkedIn. I've never made a post or anything on it, but its great for getting yourself out in front of recruiters.

Of course, if LinkedIn didn't exist than maybe I wouldn't feel such a need to do internships and go to networking events as a student in order to succeed in my field. I think it makes things a lot more competitive. My brother in-law did the same computer engineering course as me 10 years ago and he said there was no where near the emphasis on getting good internships there is today. So I guess it's added another layer of stress to being a student.

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