It’s the start of finale time for summer shows. What are your top 3 takeaways from this season overall?

I'm a sucker of any films and series set in outer space, so Astra Lost In Space definitely caught my attention. I'm really loving it so far and I really hope they nail the conclusion with a double-length episode. One of my front runners of AOTS.

Takagi-san is sweet as always. Now if they could also adapt the spinoff one...

Unfortunately, I have already read the Big 3's source materials and I'm pretty far ahead, so I won't watch the anime. Fantastic bunch of series though.

Then again, I will binge watch Granbelm and some other animes. I always do this on animes which has the potential to be my all-time favorites. Depending on how I'll like it, they may became a front runner of my AOTS as well.

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