I think it’s women’s vault.

Some of the shit you said is horrible and otherds that is not true. Like women are evil. Some are, sure but definitely not all. I've met many kind women in my life. Or that we aren't bad of men. I'm certain there have been guys here who've messaged harassing bullshit to women. And have portrayed themselves as complete asshats. We aren't perfect in any way. And that's not even scratching the service.

But, while grating my teeth at how you destroyed any chance of making a decent argument for discussion, I do think women are very particular about the partners they choose. They have specific metrics of attraction they follow, which still doesn't mean they only want a "chad" but rather their own personal chad. Could be a certain nerdy, Introverted, unattractive guy for one woman, or the opposite of that for another. All I know, is that I'm never any woman's type. And I understand the bitterness behind that. It fucking sucks. Women have looked at me as if I were a biological failure many times before. Which is what I feel like, since I have never experienced affection, attraction, or made to feel like a sexual being from a woman. I'm a sexless blob to women.

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