S02E07 "Tales from the Darkside" Post Episode Discussion

(1) As soon as Penny said that FP got beaten up in jail I was like, “JUGHEAD GO SEE YOUR DAD FIRST.” Did Jughead do that? Nah.

(2) And when they went to put the crate in Greendale, I was seriously wondering why they weren’t wearing masks or covering the license plate of Archie’s truck. Archie’s gonna get a gun but not do this? Damn…

(3) V and Sheriff Keller down there was just weird

(4) Cheryl is Josie’s stalker. Also I don’t really care about Chuck but I would stay the eff away from that.

(5) I don’t know what to think about Keller and the Mayor so there’s that.

(6) Is Pop’s open 24/7 or something? It seems like it’s the Black Hood’s favorite place too instead of the Sheriff’s office or Alice Cooper.

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