[S11] Episode 10 New Promo Stills

Before you dislike this message try to understand it first:

I don’t think Brooke is being her full self. Throughout this season we have seen all of the queens have there highs and lows ( personality wise) and Brooke has just stayed the same. In most of the s11 interviews Brooke is described as very shady according to the s11 contestants. But we haven’t seen that yet, maybe she’s good at hiding her true emotions but that can mess up people’s perceptions of you. You can hate Silky and Yvie all you want but out of all of the girls there they have been the most honest about their opinions and they’ve had highs and lows which is why people resonate with them more; because they are authentically them 100% of the time. I’m not saying Brooke is fake but I don’t think she’s shown us all of her yet.

PS: I’m rooting for Brooke and Yvie. I tilt more towards Yvies side because she very transparent.

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