[S3] Was Hyunmin held back...

I'm going to add in some S4 stuff here.

["Individually, this player who has been head to head with Dongmin in four games and lost three is probably the best Genius player ever"

I mean, I know what you mean. We can sort of consider two axes of Genius skill.

Social Skill and System Mastery.

Hyunmin is very lopsided. He's very strong in System Mastery but quite poor in Social Skill.

Dongmin looks really lopsided at first glance. All Social Skill, no System Mastery - but of course, that's not actually the case. He's got very strong social skills, but also strong enough system mastery that he's beaten every top two contender but Sangmin head to head.

Obviously he has beaten Hyunmin on two occasions, both S3 finals and S4E11.

He destroyed Kyungran. Jinho and Yohwan got a double whammy of tactical yutnori. And he destroyed Kyunghoon in the finals of S4.] (/spoiler)

But yes, I think Hyunmin hurt himself in the long run. He brought someone to the finals who was too strong to easily beat. In comparison, if he had brought Yeonseung, Yoohyun, Yeonjoo or Ahyoung to the finals, he would have run roughshod over them.

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