In S3E3 (Martin Does It His Way) we find out Martin has been sending song lyrics to Frank Sinatra. Later in the season but in a flashback to Frasier’s first week in Seattle we see his album is at the front of Martin’s collection (S3E24 You Can Go Home Again)

I got a load of downvotes for saying that this episode 'dates' the show. I think I was misunderstood as a dig at the show, which it was not, and I want to try and make my point again, hopefully more clearly.

I am nearly 40 now, but when Frank Sinatra died I was still a schoolkid, before 9/11, before the Millenium, long before I got married, became a parent, etc etc.

When I watch Cheers or Seinfeld, they feel like quite old shows. Seinfeld 'feels' like a 90's show, and Cheers feels much older. But, for some reason, Fraiser feels as if it could have been made yesterday. There are not too many things in Fraiser that make it seem like it was made over 20 years ago. In Seinfeld, for example, Jerry has that horrible PC in his apartment, and no-one has mobile phones.

But when I see this episode about Marty trying to write a song to be performed by someone who died 22 years ago, it reminds me how long ago these episodes were originally broadcast.

This is nothing against the show, the characters, the writing, or Frank Sinatra. I love all those things. Please do not take it as a criticism, just an observation.

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