Sacchi: “One day we [Milan] beat Pescara 2-0, I was dissatisfied. Galliani told me ‘Arrigo, it happens that you win while playing bad’. I replied ‘No, because after a while they’ll get used to it’.”

You're saying Inter has no history

Where did I say that?

Are Juve European royalty? By your logic, they are

Yes, at the moment they are pushing it. All they need to do is win one

they've won ZERO Champion's League titles

Fake news.

Tottenham are then English royalty

Why would they be? In the PL era the best they achieved is 2nd, once.

one of the greatest possible achievements in world football

LOL, how can we take you seriously? You won a CL. Great, congrats. And you won two domestic competitions at a time when the the main opposition had been taken out due to Calciopoli. Great, congrats, well deserved - but "greatest possibile achievements"... come on

You talk about consistency, blah blah

Real has played 16 finals. They won in the 60s, 90s, 00s, 10s.
Milan has played 11 finals. They won in the 60s, 90s, 00s.
Bayern has played 10 finals. They won in the 70s, 90s, 00s, 10s.
Liverpool has played 8, won in the 70s, 80s, 00s.
Barcelona has played 8, won in the 90s, 00s, 10s.
All of the above have won back to back CLs and even in the years where they haven't won they were in the mix. Milan and Liverpool haven't won much recently, that's why they are fallen giants. But still royalty.

Inter won back in the 60s when it was another geological era, and disappeared since. Except the blip that was 2010. Considering that they didn't qualify for years afterwards, and that they managed to be crap in Europe even with people like Ronaldo and all the rest of their amazing squad, 2010 must be treated as a one off like Leicester or Porto.

So no, not royalty, sorry. Only the five team above are Royalty, and Milan is out of it, whereas Juve are the only ones pushing their way in.

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