Sad about my only child leaving

I come from a military family. I guarantee you, when you get the first letter letting you know he's doing okay in his military training, you are gonna love it. You are going to burst when you see him in that military uniform. You're going to love all the stories he will tell you about his new friends and his training. He will always be able to call you.

Maybe it's time for you to pick up a new interest or join a book club, where you can meet new people, even if it's just online. You won't regret learning something new and it will lift your spirits.

I know this because my husband and I moved to a new city in August, full of hopes and dreams. As an epidemiologist, he had worked with thousands of COVID patients in our former city, but in our new city, he caught COVID and went downhill fast. I lost him a month ago.

I get out of bed everyday because of my pets. They need me. Tell me it gets easier. Take it a day at a time, or an hour at a time if you need to. That's what I am doing.

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