SAD: Ask students to list the positive and negative aspects of slavery

We did this back in middle school when we learned about the 1800's and the civil war. They're not literally teaching that slavery is a good thing, they're doing this from a historical perspective. Why some Americans wanted to keep slavery while the rest wanted to ban it (pros and cons). This is what also led to the civil war, so it helps us better understand and justify the civil war for both sides involved. Well, not justify, but just understand why things happened. Off the top of my head the answers about the pros of slavery are probably just shit like free labor, increased cotton production, blah blah blah. Labor that Southern plantation owners didn't want to pay for, which when it was going to be banned, resulted in the civil war. No one is really trying to justify it like that in the modern age unless they're that dumb, although there is very few Southerners who are crazy/stupid about their Confederate "heritage" and fly the Confederate flag on their trucks and shit like that. But that kinda stuff only happens in certain pockets of the South

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